KnoRe:Me Inc.

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KnoRe:Me Inc is working to change how people connect and stay connected, by making the whole process easier and reduce the workload in our lives. The app allows you to connect with people you know personally and professionally, and ensure they always have your latest contact information. You will also get notified of any changes made by your contacts and allow your own address book to receive their updates.

Most importantly, we have developed our app so that you are always in control of your data. Outside of your registered email and phone number to create an account, we don’t store your contact list, their personal information, nor yours. Unlike other services that keep your data offshore, we don’t store any of your data. We simply act as a data broker and send your data to whomever you tell us to. You can decide with whom you share information, can stop sharing or change the information you share with someone at any time.

For more information, visit KnoRe:Me Inc.

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