Never had a doubt … really!

Jul 21, 2016 | Entrepreneurship

Yesterday with the launch event of The Breakfast Startup, things went from theory to reality. The road to get to this point all went smoothly … really. On any journey you are bound to have obstacles and panic attacks, right? Speakers potentially having to drop out because their bosses want to send them out of town … happens all the time. Ticket sales moving at a turtle pace that you wonder if you’ll be in the room speaking to yourself … par for the course.

Back in my consulting days, the rule was you never said no to a client’s request to take on a new project. You simply say “We can do that.” and then walk out of the room and scramble to figure out how you’ll make it happen.

Entrepreneurship is much the same way, the scramble part at least. With limited resources and unforeseen challenges popping up, entrepreneurs quickly learn to think on their feet. Like a duck calmly gliding across the water while below the surface little feet are kicking like the dickens, behind the calm exterior of an entrepreneur is a mind racing to come up with solutions to problems they didn’t know they had.

Some people said that hosting a summer event, let alone launching one would be tough. Generating enough interest and getting the word out in a month, yikes. I ran out of fingers when counting the number of friends who said “I’ll be out of town”. All that certainly had me questioning our wisdom of taking on this challenge and our goal of 50 attendees.

But with July 20th having come and gone, the launch event over and the tables put away, we officially have turned 1.

With over 70 people in the crowd, we couldn’t have had a better result. A huge thanks to everyone who took time to join us on a warm summer day and we can’t wait to see you at our next event.

And breathe. Never had a doubt … really!

Never Had A Doubt ... Really!

by The Breakfast Startup | Burnt Toast 2016

The Breakfast Startup
The Breakfast Startup
Never had a doubt ... really!

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